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"I thought that now that I had this plaque (for his award-winning student film: Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads) on top of my television that Columbia, Warner Brothers, Fox, Universal, Spielberg, Lucas, they would call me. So I just sat by the phone and sat by the phone some more. Then the phone got turned off. That's when I decided, I have to try to do it more independently." - Spike Lee

I am not one of the those people who has a quote for every occassion. but there is sage advice that sticks. There is nothing I need to say about Spike Lee, you know he is the crazee-devoted Knicks fan who has helmed some of the most poignant and controversial films of the last two generations.

But it is inspiring to know that even Spike Lee has needed a reality check.

You have made your art, now what? That's the bottom line, folks. Who is going to see your work? How are you going to get it out there? What are you willing to do to really have your project make a difference? YMDi can help you answer all of these questions and ones you haven't thought of yet.

YMDi's mission is: to improve the distribution of independent youth created film, video, radio and new media. provides information and tools that are essential to increasing the visibility of youth made media. The short of it is YMDi will help you find your audience.

Check out the toolkit, take notes, use the ideas and the suggestions. Add your films, videos, radio projects, digital stories, flash animations, interactive websites, docs, fiction, satires, comedies, all of it! Use the budget section and make your money work for you so you can apply to festivals and make postcards. Apply to contests. Share what you are learning with your instructors, and let them know there is a section for them full of lesson plans, worksheets and advice about teaching distribution. Start discussions about what you learn, the news you are reading and the media you are seeing.

Keep your heads up!

Kibra A. Yohannes
Program Director YMDi


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